This is my AK-47, which I own purely for the novelty. It is a Romanian-made WASR-10, imported by Century Arms (CAI). It is a marvel of low-quality manufacturing, but I have to admit that I am liking it more and more. It handles well, with little recoil, and I can see why it is so reliable.

Handloading: 7.62x39mm

I have installed a TAPCO "dark earth" folding stock furniture set on this rifle. TAPCO also makes polymer magazines in "dark earth". The rifle looks nice this way. Eventually, I would like to buy a nice birch wood stock set, made by Timber Smith and possibly available through TAPCO.

The polymer magazines that match the stock look nice, but inserting and removing them is difficult due to clearance issues. So for actual shooting, I will stick to steel magazines.

I installed a TAPCO G2 single hook trigger group in this rifle to cure the trigger slap problem. The trigger pull seems light.


I don't know if it is the stock or the trigger, but this thing is horribly inaccurate since the TAPCO upgrades. Also, trigger does something when firing that causes my trigger finger to sting, like it has been struck.


Because of the inaccuracy induced by one or more of the TAPCO upgrades, and the trigger slap, and the towheaded look the rifle has now, I'm thinking I should ditch these TAPCO upgrades.

ALG Defense (related to Geissele) makes a couple of AK triggers. One is suited for "combat and home defense" and the other for "precision and target shooting".

I would like to go back to a fixed hardwood furniture set. Palmetto State Armory makes a "redwood" furniture set that is good (SKU: 116115, and be sure to also get SKU: 516444945).