Browning Buck Mark

This is my Browning Buck Mark. This model is the Standard Stainless URX, which is equipped with a stainless steel barrel and slide, standard target sights, and a contoured rubber grip. It fires .22 Long Rifle, which is very inexpensive, thus very useful for shooting practice. I bought the stainless version specifically so I could use it frequently without bothering to clean it, though in fact it usually receives a minimal cleaning with a bore snake and a quick wipe-down.

Caliber:.22 Long Rifle
Barrel:5½" SS, six groove r.h. 1:16" twist, 0.900" bull profile
Weight:2 lbs. 2 oz.

The trigger is quite nice for a semi-automatic pistol. I performed a trigger job on it: I stoned the sear and hammer engagement surfaces to make it smoother, and I removed some material from the overlap to take out the trigger creep. Now it breaks very cleanly, and I cannot detect any creep. I tried the so-called "Heggis Flip", but that resulted in a trigger that felt too light, so I went back to the original configuration. Since the purpose of owning this gun is to improve my skill at shooting, which includes trigger control, I don't want to take the trigger pull completely out of the equation.

I purchased this firearm in 2011. It was manufactured in 2010.


I need to experiment with various ammunition to find something that this gun really likes. I am hoping that the match grade Wolf ammunition will perform nicely.