AR-15 (Bushmaster M4)

This is my primary CQB weapon. It started as a Bushmaster M4-type rifle, purchased shortly after the 1994-2004 Assault Weapon Ban expired, but it has been extensively customized. The lower receiver was made by Bushmaster.

It normally wears a 5.56x45mm upper, also made by Bushmaster, which is quite accurate, incredibly easy to control, and target acquisition is very fast. The 5.56x45mm (or .223 Remington) cartridge is not ideal for self defense, but it is no slouch.

Trigger:Geissele DMR Two-Stage
Rear Stock:Magpul CTR w/ASAP Sling Attachment Point
Grip:CAA UPG16
Overall Length:31½" to 35¼"
Weight:7 lbs 4 oz

AR-15 Upper Receivers


I have ordered a Burris MTAC 1.5-6x42mm Riflescope with the Ballistic AR reticle (200439). I don't know yet what I will use it on. It would be a good tactical rifle scope, and maybe I'll just put it on my 6.8mm SPC upper. I could also put it on my PTR-91 for the same purpose. If I were to get a .350 Legend upper for hog hunting, it would be great for that too. Maybe if I like it, I will get another one or two.