CZ 527 Ultralight Predator

This is my coyote rifle. It is a CZ 527 M1 Ultralight Camo Predator, chambered in .223 Remington. It is lightweight, fully camouflaged, and in an ideal caliber for hunting coyote. It has a single set trigger. After some initial load development, this CZ is beginning to look like a ½ MOA rifle.

Handloading: .223 Remington

I purchased this rifle in 2011.

Caliber:.223 Remington
Barrel:21.9" Steel, Cold Hammer Forged, 1 in 12" Twist
Action:Micro-Length, Controlled Feed, Detachable 3 Round Magazine
Stock:Synthetic, M1 Trigger Guard, Backlands West Camo
Trigger:Single Set, Adjustable (3¼ lbs normal, 1½ lbs set)
Scope:Nikon Coyote Special 4.5-14x40mm Predator BDC, Mossy Oak Brush Camo
Overall Length:40.4"
Weight:7 lbs 14 oz (6.4 lbs w/o scope)


I have topped this with a Nikon Coyote Special 4.5-14x40mm Predator BDC Mossy Oak Brush Camo scope. BDC reticle (drop marks and "open circle design doesn't obscure target, making shots on a moving coyote simple"). Anti-Reflectice Device. Side focus parallax adjustment.

CZ recommends 65 in-lbs for the scope ring clamping screws. I will assume the standard 18-20 in-lbs for the ring screws.

The BDC reticle has positions for 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards for a .223 Remington with a 55 grain bullet. The actual ranges should be calculated once I know the ballistics of the hunting load I will develop.

Reticle PointDrop
Center Circle0"0.00 100
Bottom of Center Circle1.5"1.43 210
Second Circle3"2.86 280
Third Circle5.5"5.25 375


The purpose for owning this rifle is to take coyote. I wanted to develop an accurate handload capable of long-range performance (up to 400 yards) using a varmint bullet with a high ballistic coefficient. I succeeded with a load based on the 53 gr. Hornady V-Max, which yields ½ MOA groups.


This rifle is currently zeroed at 100 yards for the 53gr Hornady V-Max with 25.8 grains of IMR 8208 XBR, Federal 205M primer, Nosler brass, a COAL of 2.260" and no crimp.