FightLite SCR

I am building this AR-15 around the FightLite SCR lower receiver and the .350 Legend cartridge. I intend to use this for hunting feral hogs, but it could also be used for deer hunting.

My one sighting of feral hog involved nearly a dozen of them. It seems to me that if I were going to hunt feral hog, I would want a semi-automatic rifle with good magazine capacity. Missouri no longer allows feral hog hunting on public land, but there are still other opportunities.

I had weighed several options, and then Winchester announced the new .350 Legend cartridge. I knew right away that it would work in an AR-15, and indeed CMMG announced the next day that they would have rifles and uppers.

It's an odd cartridge, and it remains to be seen whether I will be able to reload for it. Winchester will be making a few types of ammunition, but the 180 gr. Power-Point seems like the best option for hog.

Winchester announced the .350 Legend, a long, straight-walled, rimless case that clearly targets the AR-15 market. Winchester is offering it in a bolt action, and CMMG has it in an AR-15 rifle. It offers ballistics close to the .35 Remington. Five or six different loadings, potentially including a 180 gr. Hog Special. Also a 265 grain subsonic. The head diameter is the same as .223 Remington, but it has a slightly larger body diameter, so it will want caliber-specific magazines.

Overall Length:37½"
Magazines:5-rd, 10-rd, and 20-rd Stainless Steel CMMG


Caliber:.350 Legend
Barrel:Wilson Combat 16" Recon Tactical .740" Profile, Six Groove 1:15 RH, Button Rifled
Receiver:Aero Precision AR-15, w/o Forward Assist
BCG:FightLite SCR Bolt Carrier
Muzzle Attachment:Wilson Combat Thread Protector, 5/8"x24 .740" Stainless
Handguard:Boyd's "Pepper" laminated hardwood
Optic:Burris MTAC 1.5-6x42mm Riflescope w/Ballistic AR reticle
Charging Handle:Radian Raptor Ambidextrous


Trigger:FightLite SCR trigger ... weight?
Rear Stock:Boyd's "Pepper" laminated hardwood w/butt pad

I purchased the FightLite SCR lower receiver assembly, and all the subsequent parts for the rest of the rifle, in 2023.


The rifle is fully assembled and ready to shoot.


I have a Burris MTAC 1.5-6x42mm Riflescope with the Ballistic AR reticle (200439).


The one factory load that appeals to me for hog hunting is the Winchester 180 gr. Super X cartridge.

Federal also makes two 180 soft point cartridges. I'm not sure what the difference is between the two. Different bullets, but different how? Neither option appears to be as blunt as the Winchester Super-X.

There are a variety of factory loads that are probably fine for deer hunting.


I have a complete set of reloading dies for this cartridge, but no components.

Since this is a semi-automatic rifle that will eject brass far and wide, a lifetime supply of brass is like 500 pieces.