Henry Single Shot .410

Henry Single Shot Shotgun (Steel) in .410

I got it into my head that I wanted to own a .410 shotgun. Mostly just because, but I will hunt some squirrels with it. This a Henry single shot shotgun with a steel receiver and a pistol grip stock.

Gauge:.410 Bore
Barrel Length:5"
Overall Length:41½"
Weight:6.55 lbs.
Chokes:Invector: Full, Modified

I purchased this shotgun in 2020.


I haven't fired it or patterned it.

?? Shot (Squirrel)

For now, I am experimenting with #6 lead shot and a Modified choke tube. Winchester's X416 is a 2½" shell with ½ oz. of #6 shot leaving the muzzle at 1245 fps.

I should keep a running tally of shots taken versus shots killed.


This shotgun came with a Full choke, and I bought a Modified choke. I should pattern both with Winchester X416. If I'm not happy with the results, I can consider using getting an Improved Modified choke and/or trying #4 shot.