Howa 1500

I wasn't dying to have a Howa rifle, nor was I particularly looking for a rifle in the .270 Winchester caliber. However, I was eager to have an excuse to make use of a Boyd's Forest Camo laminate stock. This is it. I figure it will make a good loaner rifle.

I intended to buy a Howa barreled action, but Dunn's had this rifle marked down to the same price.

Caliber:.270 Winchester
Barrel:22" blued steel, 1 in 10" twist
Action:bolt-action, blued steel, 5+1 round magazine
Stock:Boyds' forest camo laminate
Trigger:3¾ lbs
Scope:Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40mm
Weight:7.95 (5.15 + 2.80) lbs without scope

I purchased this rifle in 2013.


The Boyd's stock is 2D23110-04-110 (Classic, Howa 1500, Long Action, Factory Barrel Channel, Forest Camo Laminate, Finished) with laser checkering pattern #1 (120038).

Tim glass bedded the stock for me.


I have a Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40mm scope mounted on this rifle. It seems like a good scope, with good optics. The only downside is that the click adjustments are difficult to hear or feel.


The scope is currently zeroed at 100 yds. for Barnes VOR-TX ammunition using 130 gr. T-TSX bullets. My first group with it was sub-MOA (0.795"), but then my second group with it opened up to 1.547" (it was windy). I should probably clean it and test the grouping and the zero again on a day with no wind.

Eventually, I would like to develop a load based on the 130 gr. Sierra GameKing bullet.

Remington 130 gr. Core-Lokt: about 1½ MOA


April 26, 2019: This rifle is now fully built, and it has been sighted in for premium ammunition. It is ready to hunt. I have a box with 10 remaining rounds.

Round Count: 32