Kimber 84M Classic

Kimber 84M Classic in .260 Remington

This was supposed to be my primary deer rifle. I wanted a lightweight rifle, and this is certainly it. This rifle is quite light, and it handles great. It is chambered in .260 Remington, a cartridge that is well suited for deer-sized game. Everything about it is designed for accuracy, and Kimber is well known for its quality.

However, I have never gotten satisfactory accuracy out of this rifle. I am tempted to sell this rifle and buy a new one, another Kimber 84M Classic, but in 7mm-08. Perhaps I just got a bad unit.

Handloading: .260 Remington

Caliber:.260 Remington
Barrel:22" Steel, 1 in 9" Twist
Action:Mauser Claw Extractor, Controlled Feed, 5 Round Magazine
Stock:Walnut, Glass & Pillar Bedding, Free-Floated
Trigger:2¾ lbs (adjustable)
Scope:Leupold VX-II 2-7x33mm
Overall Length:41¼"
Weight:5 lbs 11 oz (without scope)

I have installed a Leupold VX-II 2-7x33mm scope on this rifle. It is lighter weight, lower profile, and longer eye relief than a 3-9x40mm scope. Since I have good eyes and only intend to use this rifle for shorter-range hunting, this seems like a great choice.

Kimber recommends 65 in-lbs for the action screws. Leupold recommended 18-20 in-lbs for the rings, 15 in-lbs for the windage screws, and 20 in-lbs for the base screws.

I purchased this rifle in 2008.

Load Development & Accuracy

I had hoped to get ½ MOA out of this rifle, but I have been disappointed. I am still searching for an accurate load. I suppose this will mean trying more bullets and powders. For now, the rifle shoots 1½ MOA with the 120 gr. Pro-Hunter, and that is adequate.

This year, I want to try the new 130 gr. HP GameKing. I also want to try Reloder 19.


This rifle is currently zeroed at 100 yards for the following load: 45.3 gr. Hodgdon H4350, 120 gr. Sierra Pro-Hunter, CCI 200 large rifle primer, 2.750" COAL.

Tested Muzzle Velocity: 2928 fps, Ballistic Coefficient: .356, Sight Height: 1.443".

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