Ruger 77/22

I had decided that a .22 Magnum rifle would be a good thing to have in my collection because the wildlife code in Missouri and in other states often restricts firearms to "22 caliber rimfire". I ended up putting the Ruger 77/22 with the skeleton "boat paddle" stock on my wish list. However, when I got around to buying it, Ruger had discontinued that stock. After looking at the photo so many times, I was too heartbroken to buy anything else, so I found a used one. For optics, I have mounted a Bushnell Trophy 3-9x40mm in a silver finish.

I purchased this rifle used in 2011. It was apparently manufactured in 1999 or 2000.

Accuracy & Ammunition

I have the rifle more or less zeroed at 100 yards for Winchester 34gr Supreme. It gives me consistent results right around 1¼ MOA. This particular ammunition is a little difficult to find, and not stocked locally. I should stock up.

After mating the barrel to the receiver with Loctite 620 bonding agent, this rifle is reasonably accurate. It seems to prefer 33 and 34 grain bullets. The Remington 33gr AccuTip-V and the Winchester 34gr Supreme both perform well.

Here are the results of some other quick ammunition tests:

Hornady 30gr V-Max1.496"
CCI 30gr Maxi-Mag TNT HP1.663"
CCI 40gr GamePoint JSP1.129"
Remington 40gr PSP1.924"
Winchester 30gr Supreme JHP2.473"
Federal 30gr TNT HP2.769"