Smith & Wesson Shield EZ

I have long thought that a straight-walled .32 caliber autoloading cartridge about the length of a 9mm Luger would make a great cartridge for a very compact pocket gun. A number of old cartridges have existed that were similar, but none were exactly what I wanted, and they were very hard to find. Then Federal invented it in the .30 Super Carry. The Smith & Wesson Shield EZ is not a very compact pocket gun, but it's something to shoot the cartridge in while I wait for the world (or Tim & myself) to invent the perfect pocket gun. The EZ is a little bigger than the Plus, but it has a better ergonomics and a little better trigger.

Caliber:.30 Super Carry
Barrel Length:3.675"
Weight:21.6 oz
Trigger:7½ lbs.

I purchased this firearm in 2022.


Federal Premium 100 gr. HST
Acceptable accuracy (10-rd group 4⅛" at 7 yds, tending vertical). Recoil is fine. No muzzle flash.
Cycled 40 rounds so far without issues.

I have also ordered a box of Remington 100 gr. HTP and a box of Speer 115 gr. Gold Dot to try. When I find a box of Hornady Critical Defense, I'll try that too.


I can't imagine wanting to handload for this caliber, but what if manufacturers drop the caliber? The answer is that this caliber is only useful to me because of the caliber, which is only viable as long as manufacturers continue to produce it. So, I shouldn't stockpile components or ammunition in case that happens.