Savage Model 25 in .17 Hornet

I have wanted a rifle in this caliber ever since I heard of it. This was the first rifle chambered in the round, although CZ and Ruger both have made things which tempted me. This is my first firearm made by Savage.

If one were going to hunt squirrel or rabbit with a rifle, this would be a great choice. If it proves accurate enough, I may even try using it on crow. It could also potentially be used on skunk, raccoon, and groundhog.

I purchased this rifle in 2013.


I have put a Redfield Revenge 4-12x42mm scope on this rifle.

The sight axis is about 1.775" above the bore axis. The 20 grain Z-Max has a 0.185 BC. Wow, this thing is supersonic out to 600 yards, even with this crappy BC. If I want to zero at 100 yards, then the POI should be 1" low at 25 yards and ½" low at 50 yards. This will put the trajectory within ½" of the sight axis between 50 and 150 yards.

Caliber:.17 Hornet
Barrel:22" blued steel, 1 in 9" twist
Action:bolt-action, blued steel, 4 round detachable magazine
Stock:black synthetic
Trigger:adjustable Accutrigger
Scope:Redfield Revenge 4-12x42mm
Weight:6.9 lbs without scope

The 20 grain Z-Max touches the lands at 1.846" COAL. Unfortunately, that is way past the length of the magazine, which is about 1.741". Oh, maybe it is longer than that, because the magazine is sloped, to properly stack the rims.