.17 Hornet

Rifle: Savage Model 25

Current Load Development: Accurate 20 grain varmint load.

I intend to use this rifle on squirrel, rabbit, and crow. Thus, the primary demand is precision. It may also be used on groundhog, raccoon, or skunk.

The powders to play with are Accurate 1680, Lil'Gun, and H110.

The bullets to try are all 20 grains. V-Max, Tipped Varmageddon, HP Varmageddon, and AccuTip-V. The HP bullet has a much lower BC.

So far, I have tried Z-Max with 1680.

Small Game

Precision small game load to be used on squirrel, rabbit, crow, skunk, raccoon, and groundhog.

BulletHornady V-Max
Nosler Tipped Varmageddon
Remington AccuTip-V
Nosler HP Varmageddon
Powder Accurate 1680 (10.3-12.4 gr.)
Lil'Gun (9.7-10.0 gr.)
H110 (7.9-9.5 gr.)
PrimerCCI 400 Small Rifle

The primary objective is accuracy, but the HP Varmageddon has a BC I would like to avoid. As usual, the Hornady bullets seat long. I'm really hoping the Tipped Varmageddons turn out to be winners.