.204 Ruger Ammunition

If I were to have a rifle specifically for varmint hunting, which would make sense if I move out west, I think I would like something chambered in .204 Ruger. However, ammunition is expensive, especially considering how new the cartridge is. So, I want to see what it would cost to reload. I guess I'll need to find reloading data somewhere.

Not much choice in bullets. Looks like it will be Hornady V-Max, in 40 grain (which have a red tip). Hodgdon H4895 powder looks to be an excellent choice, because not only is it an Extreme powder, the maximum load is a compressed load.

ComponentPriceUnitsUnit Cost
40gr Hornady V-Max Bullets $12.9910012.990¢
Winchester Small Rifle Primers $15.0010001.500¢
Hodgdon H4895 Powder, 1lb $18.502527.341¢

It looks like the price is similar to a varmint load of .223, so I'm not losing anything there.