.338 Federal Handloads

Current Load Development: I want to develop a load based on the Barnes 185 gr. TSX.

The .338 Federal cartridges is theoretically a perfect all-around cartridge for all big game in the Upper Penninsula, effective against large deer, black bear, elk, and even moose.

I am no longer interested in a reduced recoil load. Instead, I will develop an all-around load, hopefully using the 185 grain TSX.

Big Game

This will be a general-purpose big-game load, based on the Barnes 185 gr. TSX.

BulletBarnes 185 gr. TSX
CrimpHeavy (Cannelure)

200 gr. Hornady SST: This bullet touches the lands at 2.912" COAL. I have been seating them to 2.880" because of magazine limitations.

180 gr. Nosler AccuBond: Touches the lands at 2.909" COAL, seating to 2.885" COAL, which just barely fits into the magazine. However, with the boat tail, a little more than half the neck is gripping the bullet.