.38 Special

The only thing I would load for .38 Special would be "cowboy" loads with round nose lead bullets to shoot in a vintage Colt Detective's Special.

Cowboy/Plinking (158 gr, BHN 12)

An authentic-looking, low-recoil target and plinking load for a Colt Detective's Special, which I don't have yet.

I want to pick a powder that gives me a large charge weight for better consistency.

BulletMo. Bullet Co. 158 gr. RN "Cowboy #11"
CaseStarline, Winchester, or Remington
CrimpHeavy (Cannelure)

The Missouri Bullet Company "Cowboy #11" bullet (#358158CB) is a 158 gr. round nose bullet. It has a Brinell hardness of 12, and according to MBC's formula, the optimum pressure for this hardness to produce the least amount of leading is 15,357.6 CUP. I'll need to work out a charge for .38 Special that gets close to that.