40 Smith & Wesson Ammunition

Grafs: Bullets, Brass

Between Tim and I, we have two guns that fire 40 Smith & Wesson. Tim has a Hi-Point carbine in 40 Smith & Wesson. He goes through a lot of ammunition, and he likes to reload for it. Fortunately, a pound of powder goes a long way, and a turret press is really helpful. I have a Glock in 40 Smith & Wesson, but I will not reload for it because of its unsupported chamber (unless I use new brass each time).

Tim and I are conducting tests to determine what powders are better suited to the longer barrel of his carbine.

ComponentPriceUnitsUnit Cost
Winchester 180gr FMJ .400 Bullets $44.765008.952¢
CCI Small Pistol Primers $14.7110001.471¢
VihtaVuori N350 Powder, 1lb $21.0010452.010¢

ComponentPriceUnitsUnit Cost
Rainier 155gr Plated .400 Bullets $30.955006.19¢
CCI Small Pistol Primers $14.7110001.471¢
VihtaVuori N350 Powder, 1lb $21.008642.431¢

I may think about getting into bullet casting. Lee makes a mold for a 175 grain truncated cone. With this, I could cast bullets for about 3.75¢ a piece. If I can locate scrap lead, I can cast them for free.

ComponentPriceUnitsUnit Cost
Cast 175gr Lead .401 Bullets $45.0012003.75¢
CCI Small Pistol Primers $14.7110001.471¢
Accur #7 Powder, 1lb $18.259211.982¢

We finally tried some 200 grain loads. We located a bottle of VihtaVuori N105 Powder, and picked up some Rainier 200 grain bullets (copper plated). The load is a compressed load, but this bullet does not like doing that. The bullet seater deformed the bullets. I hope this is not too bad a thing.

ComponentPriceUnitsUnit Cost
Rainier 200gr Flat Point Round Nose $8.001008.000¢
Winchester Small Pistol Primers $14.7510001.475¢
VihtaVuori N105 Powder, 1lb $21.008642.431¢