I picked up a Romanian-made AK-47, and this is what it takes. Normally, I would say that this isn't worth reloading for. However, my brother keeps telling me that ammunition is getting hard to find. They have it at Wal-mart, but it is still nearly 40¢ per round. So, I may want to handload to save money. I may also just want to save my brass, so that I can handload when supplies are even more constricted.

Hodgdon powders are BL-C(2), H335, H4895, H322, and H4198.

ComponentPriceUnitsUnit Cost
123 or 125 grain bullet $00.00010.000¢
Winchester Large Rifle Primers $20.0010002.000¢
Hodgdon H335 Powder, 1lb $20.002229.009¢

I need to confirm the size of primer for this cartridge, but this is what I recall.

Hodgdon Data