Shooting Accessory Wish List

See also: Firearm Wish List

Various items I want to buy, that are not firearms and not related to handloading.

Biometric Safe for Home Defense Rifle
I would like a gun safe in my bedroom closet, large enough to hold an MSR with optics and full magazine, with a biometric lock.
Right now, the only obvious choice is the Vaultek RS200i. It is quite expensive, but it has quite a few extra features, including WiFi. I need to find honest reviews about the reliability of the biometric sensor. Update: I had a very good conversation with the guy at Top Tier Outdoors, and it was reassuring.
Additional Long Gun Safe
The one safe I have that is still intact is not large enough for all of my long guns.
Safe for Handguns
I would like to get a safe just for my handguns. The interior width needs to be wide enough for the longest of my handguns. (Would that include my Encore?) I will remove whatever storage system it comes with and build a set of shelves inside.