Glock Model 26

This is my Baby Glock. It is a 9mm subcompact handgun made by Glock. It has a 10+1 round capacity and is among the lightest and smallest 9mm handguns made. It is the little brother to my Glock Model 22.

I use this weapon for concealed carry. I chose 9mm for this gun because it is a good balance between effectiveness, size and controllability. The Glock subcompacts are not large or heavy, so I didn't want recoil to be so bad that it hampers my ability to control the weapon, yet I did not want to carry an underpowered cartridge.

I need to work on other (summer) concealment options, and I need to acquire a handgun safe for the truck.

I keep this gun loaded with Federal Premium 147 grain Hydra-Shok ammunition. The recoil is less sharp than the others, yet it theoretically has the best velocity with this heavy bullet. So far, I have put 199 of these rounds through it with no problems.

Update: The Lucky Gunner Ballistic Tests reveal good penetration with this bullet, but terrible expansion. I need to switch out to something different.

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