Ruger Redhawk

I bought this Ruger Redhawk Model KRH-444 to pack while camping in brown bear country. This duty is going to be taken over by my Smith & Wesson 329PD.

The more I handle this gun, the more I like it. It fits nicely in my hand, is well balanced, and points naturally. It has a very substantial feel, and of course the cartridge is quite powerful. I was expecting an awful trigger, but this one is quite nice, with just a little creep.

Caliber:.44 Magnum
Trigger:?? lbs
Weight:47 oz.

I purchased this firearm in 2016.


If/when I can find some, I should try the upcoming Solid Core from Federal.

Brown Bear, Feral Hog — I will carry this firearm when I am out in the woods (not hunting) in brown bear or feral hog country. For this, I have chosen a 320gr WLNGC hardcast load by Grizzly Cartridge Company. It should be deep penetrating, and with its very wide meplat, it should be a crushing hammer. It has a relatively low muzzle flash.

Light Target — If I ever hope to hit a feral hog with this, I will need to practice. I'll need a low-recoil target load. I will develop a plinking/target load based on 200 grain lead bullets.

Personal Defense — I may open carry this firearm in Missouri, and I sometimes keep it handy at home. For this purpose, I will want it loaded with a factory load that is unquestionably intended for personal defense. This could be the Federal Hydra-Shok, or perhaps the 200 gr. XTP from Hornady. Either way, I think something light is called for. I should do some comparisons.

Deer — I might consider carrying this as a sidearm while deer hunting. The Sierra 300 gr. JSP is not legal in Missouri for deer, because it is not considered an expanding bullet. I probably won't bother developing a load, but use factory ammunition. Hornady's 240 gr. XTP is very well respected for deer, both by Carlos and many people on Shooter's Forum.