.308 Winchester

Rifle: PTR-91
Bullets: Grafs
Brass: Grafs

These will be used in my PTR-91, which is a good CQB weapon, but may also have some catastrophic survival applications. Since I will try to use factory ammunition for defensive purposes, the primary emphasis is probably a hunting round.

Since 7.62x51mm NATO brass is significantly thicker and has less case capacity than .308 Winchester brass, it is dangerous to use .308 data in military or 7.62mm brass. Therefore, I think I will stick to using only .308 brass and data.


As a survival tool, I think it would be wise to have a round that could be used for hunting. A basic, low-cost hunting bullet with a weight in the neighborhood of 150 grains, such as a Sierra Pro-Hunter.


Lou Andrews has done some bullet performance tests, and he has found the Hornady 110 grain V-Max to be devastating. It is also a lighter bullet for this caliber, so recoil should be minimal.

ComponentPriceUnitsUnit Cost
110gr Hornady V-Max $21.9910021.990¢
Winchester Large Rifle Primers $15.0010001.500¢
Hodgdon H4198 Powder $20.0017611.364¢

According to Hornady's manual, H4198 (a Hodgdon Extreme Powder) gets into the 3200 fps range.

Long Range

A bullet with some longer range, and with good glass penetration characteristics. Since I won't have optics on this rifle, an FMJ is probably accurate enough. I like the Hornady 150gr FMJ for this purpose.

Hodgdon Data