Things To Do

See Load Development.

  1. Make Holster for Ruger SP101
  2. Build Bench for Reloading Presses
  3. Finish Montana Rifleman
  4. Install trigger kit for Encore handgun
  5. Order stock for Encore handgun

Range Work


I have multiple hunting rifles today, and all of them could use improvement. My Kimber needs a better load developed for it: this year I will try various 140 grain bullets. And my Winchester needs accurizing: I want to put an H-S Precision stock on it.

I also need to continue working with my Six-Five. I need to finish developing the 123 gr. Scenar load, and with that, I need to get experience shooting at different ranges and calling the wind. I also need to develop a load based on a good hunting bullet.

I need to be developing a load for my 7mm-08. I should also be developing a good .338 Federal load. Once I get my .270 Winchester sighted and broken in, I should be working on a load for that. Oh, and I want to develop a hunting load for my Six-Five. That's four calibers right there.

I haven't come up with a .17 Hornet load I like.

Range Tasks