Load Development

These are the loads I need to take time to develop.

.44 Magnum Brown Bear Defense
A brown bear defense load for my S&W 329PD, using the Sierra 300 gr. JSP and IMR 4227 powder.
.358 WSSM for Browning A-Bolt
I have chipped out the bedding material at the fore-end of the stock, so now I need to start over developing a load. This will be with the same 225 gr. Sierra GameKing, but now using H4895 powder. This is my top load development priority.
Blocker: I am near the bottom of my bottle of H4895. I can't really proceed until I locate more, and no one has had any for months.
7mm-08 Deer Hunting for Savage Lightweight Hunter
I have a lightweight synthetic rifle from Savage. I tried a bunch of factory ammo, and I have been disappointed. I should try StaBALL 6.5 with the 140 gr. Pro-Hunter. If that doesn't work, I should try to find an accurate load using 120 gr. Sierra Pro-Hunter.
.308 Winchester Deer Hunting for Browning BAR
An accurate 150 gr. deer hunting load for this gun.
Dies: I need to buy a set.
.300 RUM for Remington 700 Sendero
A long-range hunting load, preferably using the Hornady 212gr ELD-X.
.270 Winchester Deer Hunting for Howa 1500
An accurate deer hunting load. Ideally, this would be based on the 130 gr. Sierra GameKing.
.338 Federal Deer Hunting
I want to develop a full-power deer hunting load for my Ruger M77 Hawkeye using the Barnes 185 gr. HP TSX bullet. Previous load development focused on low-recoil loads using 160 grain bullets, but those were for my father to use.
6.8mm SPC
A defensive load using the 95 gr. TAC-X bullet.
.357 Magnum Target Load
I want to develop an accurate SWC target load for my S&W 686 Plus Deluxe. I have a box of Mo. Bullet Co. 158 gr. Hi-Tek SWC for this purpose.
6.5mm WSM Deer Hunting
I would like to develop a load for this rifle using a premium long-range hunting bullet. Possible bullets include:
  • Hornady 143 gr. ELD-X
  • Nosler 142 gr. AccuBond LongRange
.17 Hornet Varmint
An accurate varmint load for my Savage Model 25.
.338 Win Mag Large North American Game
A just-in-case hunting load suitable for elk, moose, or possibly brown bear, probably based on the Sierra 250 gr. GameKing.
.300 AAC Blackout Subsonic
An accurate subsonic load with a bullet designed to expand at subsonic velocities.
.405 Winchester Hunting
An accurate hunting load based on the 300 gr. Barnes TSX.
.30 Remington AR Hunting
I've had trouble finding an accurate load for this rifle, let alone an accurate one. I had basically given up, but Tim is still interested.